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How to Sync Review across Multi-stores

The Kudobuzz Sync Reviews integration allows you to automatically sync reviews between 2 or more Kudobuzz accounts. Reviews from 1 store can be shared across all other stores set up in the sync reviews settings.

This is good for users who have same products selling in different countries and would like to share reviews across the multiple stores.
To enable the feature; ensure your account has at least 2 stores with Kudobuzz installed and linked. If they are linked you will see them at "Switch Business" at Settings on your Kudobuzz dashboard.

How to enable the feature
Click on the Integrations icon on the left menu panel on your dashboard and select Sync Reviews.

Click on Settings and head over to Select Store(s) on the right.

Choose from the dropdown the store you want to connect.

Select either Manual or Automatic under the Sync Criteria.

For Manual sync follow the steps below:
Select Manual and click on Save .

Go to the Moderation tab, the select Manage reviews tab.

Now select the review you want to share across the stores, click on the More button and select Sync review.

The review would be shared on the other store under the Manage reviews tab.

For Automatic sync follow the steps below:
Select Automatic.

Select the Review category you wish to share across example; only 5 stars.\

Click on Save button to start the sync between them. Your Reviews will be automatically synced across the stores.

Click on Synced Stores on the settings page to see stores which have been connected across.

**More on how the Feature works?**

Do product reviews get attached to the right products on other store?
Yes If the review is attached to a specific product, it will be attached to similar product with the same SKU/smilar attributes, url handle on the store.

Are Syncs two-way?
No, the sync goes one way. Only reviews submitted on the source store will automatically copy over to the target stores.
Example if you add a review on Store A, it will get added to Store B and C . Meaning, if you add a review to Site B it will be not be added to Site A.

Is Deletion is also synced?
A review can only be deleted from the store where it was originally submitted.
Deleting a review on either store that is connected will also be synced. A deleted review will get deleted across all stores that are connected with this feature.
This also means if you uninstall Kudobuzz from one of the stores you're syncing reviews from then all the reviews that came from that store will be deleted permanently.

Can social accounts be synced?
Currently no.

Updated on: 27/11/2023

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