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Enabling Google Product Ratings

The Product Ratings program allows you to display aggregated reviews for your products to customers shopping on Google. Product ratings are shown in ads and free product listings, appearing as 1 to 5-star ratings that also display the total number of reviews for the product.

*Note that to participate in Product Ratings by uploading a feed of reviews, you must have the following:

A google shopping ads account
A minimum of 50 reviews in your Product Ratings feed
Product should have globally unique product identifiers such as GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers)

In your dashboard, go to Integrations

Click to turn on the button to enable Google product ratings. It is mandatory that you have a minimum of 50 reviews in your product rating feed.

Once Product Ratings are enabled, it takes an estimated time anywhere between 3-12 weeks for Google to complete the processing and display your data. Also keep in mind that Google will only display ratings when it determines that the information is relevant to customers. Kudobuzzz does not have any control over when Google decides to display them. Some customers would directly contact Google and raise a complaint, and they have reported back that they usually see their reviews a while after that.

Updated on: 30/10/2023

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