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How to add SKUs to your products

A stock keeping unit (SKU) is a combination of letters and numbers that helps you identify products in your inventory from another.
This isn't a universally set numbers like the UPC or Barcodes but are set by you in any manner you want. Usually, an SKU would contain factors like size, model, material, color, etc to help you identify them easily.

Most e-commerce platforms already have articles on how to set them correctly. I'll share the link to their respective pages below.

Adding SKUs on Shopify

Adding SKUs on Wix

Adding SKUs on Bigcommerce

Adding Brand names to your products

What is a brand name?

A Brand is simply the brand name of your product. Most merchants sell products that are a well known brand eg. Zara, H&M, Apple, etc. If you sell custom products, you can still use your business name as the brand name.

To add a brand name to your products, simply navigate to your product page and add the brand name in the required field. On some ecommerce sites, it's known as manufacturer or vendor.

Updated on: 01/02/2023

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