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How do I ensure my Google Product Ratings feed data is accurate?

For Google to display your product ratings successfully, you must have:

Minimum of 50 product reviews
Ensure your products have SKUS and Brand
Ensure accurate GTIN for your products

We have added a way for you to know on your dashboard any likely errors preventing your product feed from showing on Google Shopping and how to fix these errors.
On your Dashboard, go to 'Integrations', click on the 'Google' and then, navigate to the 'Insight' section.

Product reviews assigned to Google feed
The minimum required by Google to display your ratings successfully is 50 product reviews. Let's look at a sample dashboard error below: It shows 18 product reviews with ratings synced with your Google feed. This is less than the minimum of 50 required by Google.

How to fix
This means an additional 32 product reviews are required to match the necessary criteria.

Reviews not assigned to valid product
This shows the total number of reviews listed below without products assigned. Let's look at a sample dashboard error in the image above: The 374 reviews outlined below have not been submitted to Google because they have not been assigned to a valid product yet.

How to fix
Under 'Actions', click the 'View Review' button by the review you wish to assign a product(s) to. This should take you to your reviews moderation tab. Assign the review to the right product(s). Click here to check out our help guide.

Add SKUs and Brand
Google does not accept reviews for products without SKU and Brand. Let's look at a sample dashboard error: 97.44% of your products with reviews do not have both SKU and Brand. . _

How to fix
Follow this guide to add SKUs and Brands to your products.

Ensuring Accurate GTIN for your products
To ensure that your ratings are displayed on Google Shopping, kindly make sure your GTIN values are accurate for your products.

How to fix
Click Here to check out how to add accurate GTIN to your products.
You can also click Here to check the validity of your GTIN values

If you're the manufacturer of a product (for example, custom or homemade goods), and you have no official brand, use your store name as the brand [brand] along with an MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) with a unique identifier number of your choice.

Please refer to this Guide from Google for more info on Unique Product Identifiers
Note: It will take some time for your review to be taken off this list after fixing the errors highlighted.

Updated on: 28/11/2023

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