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Adding "Verified Reviewer" tags to your reviews collected via Kudobuzz widgets

Now, we have added the ability to verify reviews left via our widgets on your store. We presume that these reviewers who have reviewed your business or product have bought or had some form of interaction with your business. This means reviews from such users need to have the verified tags.

Here's how it works:
A review is created, example a user leaves a review through our onsite widget on your store and clicks submits.

Instantly, we send a verification email to the reviewer to click the 'Verify' button to validate the review.

Then, our system automatically tags the review as 'Verified' on your dashboard.

Again, when the review is published on your site you should see the 'Verified Reviewer' tag attached to the review.

Great that's it!
Please note that as these tags are system-generated, there isn't a way to add them manually. Kindly contact our support team if you need further clarification on this topic.

Updated on: 15/02/2023

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