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Adding "Verified Reviewer" tags to your imported reviews

Great news! It is now possible to verify reviews imported onto your dashboard. Let's take a look in the steps below:

Create a new column in your CSV file and label the header as verified.

Insert the data as true in each cell under the verified header column.
Please note, this field is not really mandatory, but if the 'verified' column is not passed as 'true', it means the reviews are unverified by default. Meaning, they will not have the 'Verified reviewer' tag attached to the reviews.

Now, check to make sure all your headers are accurate and have data in required fields and save the file. Proceed to your dashboard to import the CSV file.

That's it! All the reviews should have a 'Verified' tag seen on your dashboard and labelled 'Verified Reviewer' when published on your store.
Kindly contact our support team if you need further clarification on this topic.

Follow the steps to import reviews on your dashboard here: How to import your reviews.
Please refer to this guide to make sure all your headers in your CSV file are accurate and have data in the required fields: What are the mandatory (required) fields when importing reviews?

Updated on: 15/02/2023

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