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Why am I receiving 'Attention is required' notification on my dashboard?

Please read on if you're wondering why you have a pop-up notification on your dashboard! I will explain why you have them and their importance basically.

Why do you have them?
This notification is set to automatically show by default if there is an issue with your After Purchase Mail feature (APM) that requires your attention.
We send out APMs to solicit reviews on your behalf when your customers have bought from your store. In instances where;

The review request email schedules have not been sent out due to wrong emails, the system identifies those so you can fix them with the correct details.

If your APM settings may have been disabled unintentionally

Sometimes we may miss schedules from being created on the dashboard, we have a process that runs checks for orders that were missed and schedule them as well

The system by default shows the notification for the above issues.

How do I fix them?

Click on fix it to identify the details. This should take you to the main APM dashboard, at Collect reviews where you will see the issues highlighted in red.

Please note that these notifications are system-generated and will go when the issue has been resolved or updated.
For instance, if you have an incorrect email corrected with the right email address in your orders or your APM setting is turned off, you will need to toggle it back on the enable button to get it functioning.

Kindly contact our support team if you need further clarification on this topic.

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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