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Customizing campaign settings - General Page

We have an additional feature called campaign settings that allows you to customize some operations and activities to suit your preference.

We'll start with General settings. To customize general settings

On the Campaigns page, click on Campaign Settings

On the campaign settings page, click on General. This page has general customization features. Let's take them one by one.

Email frequency setting - This setting helps you set how often you want your emails to go out to repeat customers

Send for only first request means that even when they buy multiple products, they receive only 1 email, for the first purchase.

Send separately for each request means that they receive a new email for each product they buy from your store.

Multiple Product Priority - This setting helps define what actions to take when there are multiple purchases in one order.

AI Proritize means you leave that for the system to decide randomly

Highest reviews means the product with the highest reviews should be chosen

Least reviews means the product with the lowest reviews should be chosen

Highest price means the product with the highest price should be chosen

Lowest price means the product with the lowest price should be chosen

Timezone - This sets a time zone for your campaigns, reminders, etc. By default, it is in the GMT +0 timezone

Review Reminder - This helps you set reminders to go out to customers who may have still not left a review. You can send out reminders after 3, 5, 7, or 10 days.

Media Upload - This allows your customers to attach media like pictures or videos to their reviews.

Branding - This allows you to customize the feel of the email to your preference. You can change the color of the 'submit' button in the email, as well as the color of the stars

Block reviewer - This helps you to block a customer you want to remove from your email list. There's a full guide on how to block reviewers here.

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Updated on: 25/01/2023

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