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How to manually request for reviews

Apart from the automatic review request emails we send on your behalf when orders are made on your store, we have the Manual Review Request (MRR) feature that allows you to request for reviews from persons by manually adding their details into our system.

The MRR feature is pretty useful for users who provide services. Once you have an email after providing a service, you can add it to our system and the system will send a review request to the email using a customizable email template.

Here’s how to use the MRR feature:

Enter your Kudobuzz dashboard and click on Collect Reviews

On the After Purchase Mail page, you’ll find the Add Manual Request and the Import Manual Requests tabs

To request for a review from a single person, click on Add Manual Request and then fill out the form that shows. The form requires you to add the name (optional), email and products (optional) you want the person to review

If you want to request for reviews from many people at a go, you can upload a CSV file containing the name, emails and product details. Click on Import Manual Request to add the people to the system

Note: If product information is not provided, the review request email content will be soliciting for reviews for your business.

If there is product information, the review request will solicit for reviews for the products captured.

For users whose platform is neither Wix nor Shopify, you will need to provide a product url instead of product id if you want the review request to be for product reviews.

Once you add persons to the schedule, review request emails will immediately get scheduled by the number of days set for the criteria in the APM

To edit the content of the review request email, click on Template


Updated on: 03/11/2023

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