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Creating Customer Segments on Kudobuzz

Hooray! We launced a new feature that allows you to group your customers based on your prefered criteria, so that you can send out emails requesting reviews or other business related content. Let's dive in;

On your dashboard, navigate to Campaigns

On the Campaigns page, click on Customers.

Note that we pull in all of your order data from your ecommerce platform and they are shown on the page. This is what your customer page should look like

Click on Add Segment. Note that if you don't have Order data, nothing will be imported. In that case, you can see these steps to manually add a customer or see these steps to import your customer data

Click on Add Segment Condition

Choose the criteria for which you want to create your segment. For example, if I wanted to create a segment for customers who ordered products on the 25th December to thank them for buying on Christmas and to leave a holiday-season review, I'd choose 'order Created At Date', 'Is', '25/12/2021'

There are lots of criteria from which you can choose from to create your segment. To add more conditions, click on the + button

Give your Segment a name and click Create to save your work

Done right? It should look like this

Updated on: 14/08/2023

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