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Understanding the APM variables

With the After Purchase Mail (APM) feature, you are able to customize the tone and language in the review request emails to suit your audience. In customizing the email, we present you with some variables that you can use to personalize the email.

Here is a list of them and what you can use them for:

1. {{ first_name }}

Use the First Name variable when you want only the first name of the customer to be displayed where you use it.

2. {{ last_Name }}

The last name will display only the last name of your customer where you use it

3. {{ customer_name }}

Customer name displays the full name of the customer

4. {{ business_name }}

Use the business name wherever you want to mention your business' name.

5. {{ business_url }}

Use this variable to link a piece of text to your website.

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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