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Requesting for reviews from Booking Orders for Wix users

Now, it is possible to import booking orders with Kudobuzz in order for your APMs (After Purchase Mails) to to go out requesting for reviews for them.

Follow the steps below to set it up.

Enter your Kudobuzz dashboard and click on Integrations from the left menu panel.

Click on the Booking Orders button.

Toggle on the Enabled** button under Settings, to turn on the feature on your dashboard.

Done! Once enabled, your Booking orders should automatically have review request emails scheduled to be sent on your APM/Campaigns dashboard.

(Note, you need to be on the Dinner plan or above to enable this)

Turning the Booking Orders feature off
If for any reason you will like to disable the Booking Orders feature, you can just toggle off the Enabled button and review request emails will no longer be scheduled.

PS: If we receive an order without an email address detail, you will need to add the customer email directly on the APM / Campaigns page so that we successfully add the schedule, else it will show as deactivated and won't go out.

Updated on: 18/07/2023

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