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How to switch from Basic APM to Advanced Collect Review (Campaigns)

Kudobuzz has the Basic APM and Advanced Collect Review (Campaigns) features available on your Collect reviews dashboard. While some customers love to make use of the Basic APM to solicit reviews from their customers, some also prefer to use the Advanced version or Campaigns for that purpose.

Please keep reading if you want to know how;

On your Kudobuzz dashboard, click on Collect Reviews. Toggle on the button on the collect review page to enable Advanced Collect Review (Campaigns).

A notification will pop up to show you are about to switch from the Basic (APM) to the Campaigns.
Click on Switch to Campaigns to activate the feature.

Toggle off the button on the Campaigns page to return to the** Basic Collect Review** dashboard.

That's it!

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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