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How to set up your Product Page Widget (other platforms)

The product widget allows you to display product reviews on your product pages and also makes it easy for buyers to leave reviews for specific products on your website. Follow the steps below to set up your Product Page Widget:

NOTE: If your platform is Wix, the code for the product widget is automatically installed on your shop. Kindly skip to the end of this guide where you will how the part on Customizing your Product Page Widget.

If your platform is Shopify, refer to this guide on how to add the piece of code to your theme file.

On the dashboard, click on the On-Site Widgets icon.

Then, click on Product from the list of widgets.

Click on the Embed Code tab and Copy the product widget code.

Paste the code in the HTML of the page you would like to display the widget on.

Your product page widget should now be showing like in the image below, on your product pages.

Customizing your Product Page Widget

You can customize your Product Page Widget to suit your style and preference. This link will help with all your customizations.

Updated on: 29/08/2023

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