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How to locate your product ID from your Wix dashboard

For the reviews on your CSV file to be properly assigned to the right products, you need to ensure that you include the proper product IDs in the file.

If you have a hard time finding your product ID, this is the way to get it from your Wix dashboard.

To get the product ID from Wix, these are the steps to follow:

Open your Wix account

Open the website editor

Open the Content Manager on the left side menu

Click on Collections

Scroll down until you find the "Stores" category, then click on "Products"

The column ID is what you need to insert into the CSV file to link a product


If you can't see the "Stores" category and "Product" table you will have to do the following:

Click on the gearwheel in the top-right corner of the Content Manager (Step 3)

Click "advanced settings"

Set "Wix app collections" to true or enabled

Close the window and resume

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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