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How to active the new campaign feature

Welcome a newly improved APM, the ‘Campaigns’ feature. The new Campaigns feature allows you to collect well structured reviews by segmenting your customers and targeting them with specific review request.

Example : You can group all customers that bought Extra Large Red T-shirts from you and ask them to leave a review on how well the t-shirt fits them. You can even narrow it as much as customers that bought Extra Large Red T-shirts for the price of $20 instead of those who bought it for the price of $50.

How to start using this feature

By default this feature is not enabled and you will need to enable it for your Kudobuzz account following the steps below

From your Kudobuzz Dashboard goto the Settings page

From the Settings page click on Features in Beta
Click the switch to turn on the Review Request feature

You are all done. Once you activate it, remember to follow the simple guide here on how to start using it.

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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