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What are the mandatory (required) fields when importing reviews?

To import reviews in a CSV into Kudobuzz, you need to ensure the CSV has the following headers even though some of the headers may have no data:

_created_at,title, message, product_id, rating, reviewer, name, published, verified, review_image_url_

Once the headers are accurate, ensure the following headers have data as they are the required fields.




published (has boolean value of TRUE or FALSE)

verified (has boolean value of TRUE or FALSE)
(This field is not really mandatory, but if the 'verified' column is not passed as TRUE, it means the reviews are unverified by default . Meaning, they will not have the "Verified reviewer" tag attached to the reviews.)

For product reviews, the product_id header is also required.

Here is the guide on how to go about importing the CSV how to import CSV.

Updated on: 15/02/2023

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