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Why Your Orders Are Not Being Scheduled

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely wondering why you are seeing statistics on the number of orders pending instead of orders that have been scheduled and/or sent.

There are two options for the status of orders for which review request emails will be sent.

1-- After Purchase - This means immediately orders are purchased, we count up to the number of days you have chosen for emails to be sent to send the review request emails

2-- After Fulfillment - This means, review request emails will only be sent once orders are marked as fulfilled. We then count the number of days chosen for emails to be sent to send the review request emails.

Users on Shopify platform

If you're a Shopify user, you're seeing number of pending orders because you selected the "After Fulfillment" option but none of your orders have been marked as fulfilled. Once you mark your orders as fulfilled, the orders will be scheduled.

Users on Wix platform

For the Wix platform, it is not enough to just mark an order as fulfilled for it to actually be regarded as fulfilled. You will need to add a tracking number.

So if you’re seeing statistics on your total number of orders pending, it implies, you have set your APM feature to “After Fulfillment”. However, you’re not adding tracking numbers to your fulfilled orders.

The total number of orders shows you how many orders we could have scheduled to send review request emails for.

You can solve this by doing one of the following:

-- Change your APM settings to “After Purchase”.

This way once orders are made in your shop, we immediately schedule it using the number of days you have set.

-- Start adding tracking numbers when you mark orders as fulfilled

Going forward when you mark orders as fulfilled, add tracking numbers to them so Wix sends us the appropriate data for us to schedule them for you. The tracking numbers do not have to be actual numbers for tracking. They could be just random numbers.

For previous orders that tracking numbers were not added, you could add them and our system will schedule review request emails will be sent for those orders.

Here is a Wix guide for how to add tracking numbers.

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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