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Sending smart review requests

We have had some cases where APMs didn't go out because there were no products details attached to the order schedule. We have found a workaround for such cases now.

You can use the Smart Review Request feature to request business reviews from your customers, instead of reviews directly linked to the products they purchased from your store.

See the guide below on how to set it up.

On your Dashboard, go to Collect Reviews

On the Collect Reviews page, navigate to the Advanced Settings section and click on Smart Review Request'

Toggle the button to turn on the feature, which means that the APMs that go out would request for a business review instead.

Click Save

Note: Follow the same steps if you're using the Campaigns feature.

- Navigate to Campaigns
- Navigate to Campaign Settings
- Locate the Smart Review Request button and toggle it on.

- Click Save

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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