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I Have Installed the App, What Next?

After installing the Kudobuzz app, here is a list of the things to do to get you started.

1. Connect social accounts

Kudobuzz allows you to connect to your social accounts such as Etsy, Yelp, Google, and Facebook. The app then pulls in reviews from these social accounts for display on your site via our widgets.

To connect to your social accounts, please see all related guides here

If for some reason you will like to remove an account you have connected, follow this guide to do so.

2. Customize and test your After Purchase Mail

The After Purchase Mail (APM) feature automatically sends out emails to your customers after they have made purchases from your store.

You can customize the content of the email that goes out and when they should go out.

This guide will help you customize the APM feature. here.

3. Import reviews from other apps

Are you coming to Kudobuzz with reviews from your previous provider? If the reviews are in a csv file, you can easily import them to Kudobuzz for display on your website.

Here is a step by step guide to importing reviews to Kudobuzz.

4. Add Offline reviews

Do you often receive word-of-mouth testimonials and wish to use them to attract customers? Use the offline reviews feature to add reviews that you may have either collected offline or collected on another platform.

Follow this step by step process to add your offline reviews.

5. Customize your widgets

Do you wish to customize your widgets to suit a certain style? Kudobuzz also allows you to customize the colour of your widget, change the position of your widget, or change the colour of the text of your widgets to suit your preference and style.

See all customization guides [here](

6. Set up Auto Publish feature

Configure the Auto Publish feature to automatically publish your reviews from a certain review rating. This helps you reduce the number of times you'll have to log in to the app just to publish a review.
This [guide]( will help you set up your Auto Publish function

7. Translate your widget text from English to another language

By default, the review button and all associated text are in English, However, some websites are in other languages and require the review button and it's associated text to be in their preferred language.

Follow this step by step guide to translate the texts in the widget to your preferred language [here](

8. Set up SEO Minisite (Subdomain for Reviews)

The SEO Minisite feature provides you a subdomain where all your published reviews live and is optimized to enable search engines to easily index the reviews and pass SEO benefits to your site.

Set up your SEO Minisite [here](

Updated on: 31/03/2022

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