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Updating your Facebook reviewer name

Facebook has made a recent change to how they send us recommendations and reviews. Going forward, recommendations from Facebook will not have the recommender's name attached. However, the review information will still be synced onto Kudobuzz's dashboard.

Hence, we have added a feature update on your Kudobuzz dashboard where you can manually add the reviewer's name should you decide to showcase your reviewer's name on your website. Here are the steps to manually add a reviewer's name:

Connect your Facebook account if you haven't already. Follow this guide]( to connect your Facebook account.

Once your reviews have been pulled in, head over to the Manage Reviews page, and click on Social Reviews filter, then click on Facebook. That will display all your reviews that have been imported from Facebook.

Click on the review for which you want to add the reviewer's name, then click on the Edit icon

Fill in the reviewer's name and click Confirm to save it." class="csh-markdown csh-markdown-image"></a>

You should see the reviewer name field updated with the information you provided.

Updated on: 06/11/2023

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