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How to update your Etsy account connection

We have recently updated the way we pull in Etsy reviews as an improvement over the older approach to fetching Etsy reviews.

There is the need for you to update your Etsy account with us to ensure efficient update of your reviews. To update your Etsy account, kindly follow the steps below:

1- On your dashboard, click on Sync Social Reviews from the left side menu options.

2- Click on Marketplaces

Select Etsy from the list of channels.

4- On the Etsy connection page, you will see the old Etsy account you connected. Click on Edit.

In the modal that shows, you'll need to provide an Etsy keystring and shared secret to get your Etsy account updated.

5- To get the keystring and shared secret, you will need to register for an Etsy app. Visit to register for an app. Fill out the fields with information relevant to your business when registering for the app.

Provide your business name as the app name and your business description as the app description.

For the App Details section, you may use the options below:

Note: You need to have setup Two Factor Authentication before registering the app.

6- Once you click to register the app, you will see a success page with details for the shared secret and keystring.

7- Copy the values and paste them in the Etsy connection page fields (from Step 4) and click on the Add button to connect the Etsy account.

8- Give it a short while, your Etsy reviews will be pulled in.

Please note that, Etsy does not allow us to fetch in review images, so you might have to add them manually.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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