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How to import your reviews from Marketplaces (Etsy, Ali Express and Amazon)

Note: This feature is ONLY available for paid plans. Consider upgrading your plan to avail this feature.
Follow this guide to learn how to import your reviews from Marketplaces.

On your dashboard, click on Sync Social Reviews from the left-side menu options.

On the 'Sync Social Reviews' page, click on Marketplaces.

Select from the list of Marketplace either _Etsy, Ali Express, or Amazon_.

Drag the Import to Kudobuzz button on the right page and drop onto your Bookmarks Bar in your browser.
How to creating the Import to Kudobuzz Bookmarks In your Browser**

Navigate to the desired product page to import the product reviews on AliExpress or Amazon store.

For Etsy, open the reviews page of your Etsy store by following this format (
For example, if your Shop's name is Alpha's Closet the URL page to open in your browser should be ('closet/reviews)

Open your Bookmarks Bar and click the Import to Kudobuzz button.

Click Import Reviews to import reviews from the product page/store.

If added successfully, you should see the product/reviews page added with an 'x button' that allows you to remove the connected product page/store from your dashboard.

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Note: It may take up to 30 minutes for reviews to be pulled in and the reviews would show on your dashboard at Moderation - Manage Reviews for you to publish.

Updated on: 28/07/2023

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