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Social Review Sync (Shopify Integration Only)

Struggling to keep up with customer reviews spread out over various social media platforms?
Social Review Sync streamlines the process, letting you effortlessly showcase all your positive reviews on your Shopify store and build trust with potential customers automatically.

It helps you to save time by monitoring review pushes from a single location right after syncing.

How to Get started for New Users: search for "Social Review Sync" in your shopify store apps to install or simply follow this${color}[#f32020]( link).

Creating a connection in Social Review Sync is like building a bridge between where your reviews live (Source) and where you want to display them (Destination). Think of it like this: Sources- your social media accounts where customers have left reviews (Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.) and Destination: This is your Shopify store, where you want to showcase those reviews to build trust with potential customers (, Loox, Yotpo, Kudobuzz ).

Here's how it works:
Choose Your Source → Pick Your Destination → set up a Connection. Simple!

How to Add a Source
Navigate to Source on the left-hand side. Click on Add Source.

A new page will open up. Choose your review platform by clicking the Connect button next to it.

3.Name the review source (e.g Etsy). Then paste the URL of your review page on that platform. Finally click Save to confirm.

When a Source has been added successfully it shows on the Sources page as below:

How to add a Destination
Navigate to Destination on the left-hand side. Click on Add Destination.

Similar to adding sources, a new page will appear. Select the platform where you want to showcase your reviews on your Shopify store by clicking on the Connect.

Provide Destination Details : Depending on the chosen platform, you might need to enter an API Key (required for Fera, Yotpo, or simply accept permissions (for Kudobuzz). Finally, click Save to confirm adding the destination.
Need help on how to generate API key for your shopify store? Click Here.

When a Destination has been added successfully it shows on the Destination page as shown below;

Creating Connection (Linking Sourced and Destinations)
First, go to Connection on the left hand side. Click on Add connection.

Next steps:
Give your connection name- Enter a descriptive name for this connection (e.g Etsy Reviews to Fera)
2-3. Select Source and Destination - use the drop down key on right to choose the source and destination you added earlier
Set sync frequency: Decide how often you want reviews to be pulled from the source to the destination using the "Days before next sync" dropdown menu.
Choose review types (optional): If you want to filter which reviews are synced, use the "Sync review type" dropdown menu to select "All Reviews" or choose a specific option.
Finalize the connection: Click "Save" to establish the connection. You should see a confirmation message indicating success.

Your Connection is Established!
Once you've saved the connection, you'll see it displayed on your Social Review Sync dashboard under the "Connections" section. Remember, a single source can be connected to multiple destinations, maximizing your review exposure and building trust across multiple platforms!

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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