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How to Create a Connection

Creating Connection (Linking Sourced and Destinations)
First, go to Connection on the left hand side. Click on Add connection.

Next steps:
Give your connection name- Enter a descriptive name for this connection (e.g Etsy Reviews to Fera)
2-3. Select Source and Destination - use the drop down key on right to choose the source and destination you added earlier
Set sync frequency: Decide how often you want reviews to be pulled from the source to the destination using the "Days before next sync" dropdown menu.
Choose review types (optional): If you want to filter which reviews are synced, use the "Sync review type" dropdown menu to select "All Reviews" or choose a specific option.
Finalize the connection: Click "Save" to establish the connection. You should see a confirmation message indicating success.

Your Connection is Established!
Once you've saved the connection, you'll see it displayed on your Social Review Sync dashboard under the "Connections" section. Remember, a single source can be connected to multiple destinations, maximizing your review exposure and building trust across multiple platforms!

Updated on: 25/06/2024

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