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Setting up the Checkout Widget (non ecommerce platforms/websites)

This guide will help you set up the checkout widget on your site's checkout page. The widget allows your customers to leave reviews when checking out, sharing their experience or feedback about the whole purchasing process. This is also a great way to bump up your reviews and evaluate painpoints when customers make purchases on your site. Let's get started.

In your Kudobuzz dashboard, go to Onsite Widgets

Click on Checkout and click on the Embed tab, then copy the code

Add the code in the relevant place where you have your checkout files. Done right, it should look like this:

Please Note
the code is to be added on the next page right after the checkout page
You will have to write a small piece of code so that each time a purchase is made, our system is provided with the buyer details, i.e, the reviewer_email, reviewer_name and the productId.

This is an example of the code snippet that should be added. You'll find this in the 'embed' tab under Checkout widget (as explained above)

Eg. of when the data has been injected
data-kb-reviewer-name="Mercy Mewline"

Kindly reach out to support if you need help.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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