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How to enable/disable review forms in widgets

Kudobuzz widgets are mainly used for the display of published reviews on your site. However, the widgets can also serve as a means to collect new customer reviews for your business.

By controlling the Review Form settings, you can allow your customers to leave reviews directly via your site through the widgets or disallow review collection through the widgets.

To enable or disable review collection via your widgets, kindly follow the steps below:

From your dashboard, go to the On-Site Widgets

On the Customization page, go to the Forms section and click on Review form.

On the review form settings page, toggle the buttons for Show on desktop and Show on mobile to enable or disable the review form.

Save settings to apply your changes. The changes you make will affect all widget types.

Onsite widget with no review submission capability

Onsite widget with review submission capability

Should you want to allow your customers to add media such as photos and videos to the reviews they are writing, toggle the Collect photo reviews and Collect video reviews in the Advanced section of the review form settings page.
Note that, you will need to be on the right premium plan to be able to enable photo and video addition to reviews.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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