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How to Set Up the Star Ratings Widget on your Product Pages -Shopify

This guide will show you how to display the average star ratings for your products. It appears directly under the prices of your products.

In your dashboard, click on On-Site Widgets from the left menu panel

Click on star rating and copy the star rating code under the Embed Code tab:

Go to your theme files in your store and look for the in your product-template.liquid file, search for "price". Then paste the code at the end of the entire price section.

Save your work and check your site to see if it shows.

Done right? You site should look similar to the screenshot below.

Once you set it up, it will automatically show when you have reviews for the product. If you don't have reviews yet, it won't show.

Haven't yet set up your product widget? See this guide on how to go about it.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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