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How to Share your Reviews on Social Pages (Social Push)

Social push allows you to manually or automatically share your reviews to your social accounts at an interval of your choosing. Displaying your reviews on social media has been proven to drive up engagement and increase traffic for your store.

Please follow the steps below to set up Social Push and connect the accounts you want to push your reviews to.

On your dashboard, click on Social Push from the left side menu options.

On the Social push settings page, click on General. Then toggle on the Status button to enable social push.

Select the type of social sharing you will prefer by clicking on the select button on top. This page has two types of social push. We'll explain each below:

Manual Push
Choosing the Manual option allows you to manually add your reviews to the social push queue so that it goes out at a specified date. Follow the steps below to use the manual social push feature.

i. On the Social Push page, choose the manual push option and save
ii. Go to the Moderation page and select the review you want to share
iii. Click on Social push and confirm to share
iv. It will be added to the schedule to go out at interval times

Automatic Push
Kudobuzz will automatically share reviews of your choice to Facebook, Buffer, or Twitter business pages at a time of your choosing.

If you chose 'Automatic Push', select the category of review to share from the lists below, by clicking on the select button before the option. Don't forget to click on** Save** .

Now, click on Link Accounts, below General to choose which Social Account would you like to push your reviews to. Then, set the kind of UGC/frequency with which to push to your social media pages. Save your edits.

Finally, click on Message Template below Link Accounts* to craft the message you would like to share along with the review. Save your edits.

Updated on: 15/09/2023

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