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How To Set Up Product Widget for your Shopify Store

To get the product widget displaying reviews on your Shopify product pages, you will need to place the product widget code in your theme files.

Follow these steps below to place the code:

In the dashboard, click on On-Site Widgets.

Click on Product from the list of widgets.

Click on Embed Code tab and copy the product widget code.

Enter your Shopify Store admin dashboard and from the menu options on the left side click on Online Store.

You will see some options showing. Click on Themes.

The theme page will now be showing. Click on the Actions dropdown for your current theme.

On the Action dropdown, click on Edit Code.

On the Edit Code page, look for the Templates directory.

Search for the liquid file to paste your code. This usually is the product.liquid file. Paste the piece of code you copied earlier. Save the changes. That’s it.

But if you see a piece of code like this - {% section 'product-template' %} - in the product.liquid file, then your product page file is likely the product-template.liquid file in the Sections directory which will be where the copied code should be.

Under the Sections, click to open the product-template.liquid file.

In your product-template.liquid file, paste your code wherever you want the product widget to show.

Save the changes by clicking the Save button.

Done right, the product widget should show on your product pages like shown below.

Updated on: 16/08/2022

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