The rating stars that show just below the page titles for some search results on Google are called richsnippets.

Adding richsnippets to your product pages increases Click-Through-Rates (CTR) to your store and is also good for your site’s SEO.

To enable Product Richsnippets for your store, follow the steps below;

Enter your Kudobuzz dashboard and click on SEO from the left menu panel

On the SEO page, click on Product Richsnippets and toggle the button on to activate your rich snippet feature.

Once enabled, product richsnippets will automatically be added to your product pages and uses your published reviews to show the rating stars on Google.

Note: You need to be on the right plan to enable this.

Turning your product richsnippets off
If for some reason you will like to disable your product richsnippets, you can just toggle it back and no new published reviews data will be made available to Google.

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